RDMP RU V Balikpapan Refinery


RDMP RU V Balikpapan Refinery


PT Rekayasa Industri

Constrution year



Balikpapan, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Bonna Indonesia supplies RCCP, Special Fittings, and Intake Head for RDMP RU V Balikpapan Refinery

Pertamina Balikpapan refinery is currently the second largest refinery owned by Pertamina. In line with the mission to run the oil refinery and petrochemical business in a professional and international standard manner with strong economic principles and environmental insight, PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (PT KPI) continues to strive to increase the value and quality of its products to make them more suitable with the international standards and more environmentally friendly.

PT Rekayasa Industri as a main contractor for RDMP RU V Balikpapan Refinery project entrusted PT Bonna Indonesia with the manufacturing of RCCP (Reinforced Concrete steel Cylinder Pipe), Special Fittings, and Intake Head for this project.

All the pipes including RCCP and special fittings for this project have a nominal diameter of 1400 mm with total length 826 meters.

Source: Pertamina's Balikpapan Refinery Development Supports Indonesia's Roadmap towards Euro V Implementation | Pertamina

Owner: PT Pertamina (Persero)
EPC: PT Rekayasa Industri
RCCP Installer: PT Panca Duta Prakarsa
Bonna Indonesia's scope: Seawater Intake System, RCCP pipes & special fittings & Intake Heads
Total Length: 826 meters
Diameter: ND1400 mm

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