San Buenaventura Coal-Fired Power Plant


San Buenaventura 500MW coal-fired supercritical power plant


Daelim Industrial Co.Ltd.

Constrution year



Mauban, Quezon, Philippines

Bonna Indonesia to supply San Buenaventura 500MW coal-fired supercritical power plant, Quezon in the Philippines

Consolis design & engineering office and Bonna Indonesia team designed and produced reinforced concrete cylinder pipes (RCCP) for the project. SB Construction Corp recently completed the installation of 1.2 km of onshore & offshore RCCP (Nominal Diameter of 3200 mm) including a concrete seawater intake head structure with height of 9.5 m and a total weight of 250 tons.

Offshore Bonna Pipes (RCCP) are very suitable for underwater projects, especially sea water as no special protection is required. They are made of Type-V cement, a sulphate resistant cement suitable for seawater application. All the metallic components, like steel cylinder and reinforcements, are continuously protected by the well-known 'passivation' phenomenon provided by the concrete.

Components like intake head, diffuser, and manhole if any, accessories, take the benefits of:
• Appropriate concrete formulation
• Appropriate concrete cover
• Appropriate raw material, especially stainless steel if needed
Due to these properties, the pipes are perfectly matched to achieve a long service life, without the need of costly and uncertain devices, such as cathodic protections.

The RCCP’s weight ensures long-lasting stability of concrete pipes. And because of its stiffness, RCCP are self-supported and can be laid across uneven seafloor areas, without costly filling materials. Sections of 2 or 3 pipes are welded onshore and these sections are laid on prepared trench and jointed with O-ring rubber gaskets using hydraulic jacks. Finally, permanent tie-rods designed for this seismic zone are fixed with anchor-boxes and lugs integrated on spools at the level of rubber gaskets. This procedure facilitates the installation of the offshore pipelines.

Installation of Bonna Intake Head

The Bonna Intake Head is delivered on several parts, comes with its specific and multipurpose lifting device, integrated chlorination lines and pre-fitted kit to ensure a smooth installation on site. Grids and bolting are provided in 316L stainless steel suitable for seawater and except these parts, no metallic ones are leaved without concrete protection by grouting.

The team received excellent feedback from their customer, SB Construction Corp: “The supply of RCCP pipe for Intake & Discharge Pipeline was found to have satisfactory performance in terms of Delivery, Quality & Easy Installation Method […] The project was successfully in fulfilling our site requirements in accordance with project specifications.”

This new reference strengthens Bonna Indonesia leadership in the region as a unique cooling water system solution provider.

Owner: Meralco PowerGen Corp & EGCO Group
EPC: Daelim Industrial Co.Ltd.
Installer: SB Construction Corp
RCCP Pipes manufacturer: PT. Bonna Indonesia, a CONSOLIS subsidiary.

Photo credit: Bonna Indonesia, EGCO

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