Consolis Group

Consolis is the European market leader in precast concrete solutions for the building and utilities sectors. With 8,000 employees and 20 companies in 17 countries, we provide architects, construction companies and community builders with smart, sustainable, and highly engineered pre-cast elements, enabling them to create beautiful homes, offices, universities, hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers, landmark buildings, airports and infrastructure that will serve local communities – for centuries to come.

Together, we build the societies of tomorrow. 

A leader in concrete Pressure Pipes

Consolis Group has designed and manufactured concrete pressure pipes for over one hundred years and markets them under its specialized and historic Bonna Pipe brand. Pressure pipes are used in water supply, irrigation and sewerage systems, fire hydrant systems, as well as penstocks, waterways, pumped-storage systems, cooling water systems, seawater intakes and sea outfalls for many project types such as power stations, chemical or petrochemical plants, desalination plants, nuclear, thermal and hydro power plants.

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An international footprint


Black Point Combined Cycle Power Plant

Bonna Indonesia delivers solutions to the extension of Black Point Power Plant in Hong Kong. Located in the New Territories region of Hong Kong, Black Point is one of the world’s largest gas-fired combined-cycle power stations. Bonna Indonesia supplied RCCP pipes & special fittings for the onshore & jacking of the cooling watersystem.