For above ground project

Bonna Complete Technical Solution

Bonna can provide customer with a complete technical solution for above ground project such as: cooling water system for power plant and industrial plant, water supply pipeline to tackle soil with water ingress, hill landscape or to cross a river.

Power Plant

Desalination Plant



Water Transmission

Fertilizer Plant

Petrochemical Plant

5 Key Advantages of Bonna RCCP for above ground

1. Large Diameter 

Manufactured up to 4,000 mm in diameter for high flow capacity

2. Durability

Durable and reliable, ensuring a lifetime of dependable service

3. Simplified Construction

Easy to connect with pipe span up to 20m

4. Low head loss
Smooth, with low head loss characteristics for low-cost performance

5. Custom-made solution
Custom-designed for the project needs and configuration

1. Large Diameter

  • Bonna Pipe RCCP is manufactured up to 4,000 mm in diameter
  • Water pipelines and industrial plants use and circulate large quantities of water that needs large-diameter pipe
  • Large diameters deliver cooling water with desirable velocities, lower friction losses, and therefore lower pumping costs

2. Durability

  • The RCCP pipeline withstands full vacuum conditions
  • The protection of steel by concrete is permanent, therefore no need for maintenance
  • The combined effect of concrete and steel provides the required longitudinal rigidity to use the pipe as a span pipeline
  • Bonna pipe concrete inner wall does not require any specific protection against abrasion thanks to its high strength & compactness
  • Concrete high thermal inertia makes the pipeline less sensitive to the weather conditions

3. Simplified Construction

  • Easy joints connection by conical welded Thrust-Restrained joint
  • Bonna Pipe RCCP acts as a span pipeline up to 20m
  • Bonna Pipe RCCP needs simple cradle design for support of the span pipeline
  • Comprehensive design review and preliminary drawing integrate technical discussion to comply with conditions at construction site

4. Low Head Loss

  • Roughness Coefficient “k”=0.0001m  corresponds to the internal lining of the Bonna pipelines RCCP
  • The manufacturing and installation processes for Bonna Pipe RCCP result in pipelines with smooth surfaces across the joints between adjoining pipe units
  • The concrete or mortar lining does not deteriorate with age when flowing full

5. Total Custom-made Solution

Before execution of the contract, Bonna Pressure Pipes’ design and engineering office helps customers to optimize their system and works with you for all the technical aspects.

During the performance of the contract, the design and engineering office works out all the technical documents required for the project. In particular:

  • The bills of materials and piping arrangement drawings for the pipes and special fittings for manufacturing and for laying
  • Detailed drawings of the equipment and/or accessories supplied
  • Calculations notes
  • The erection manual and instructions on the protection systems to apply on site

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PLTU Batang

Bonna Indonesia to supply PLTU Batang 2,000-MW power plant, Indonesia’s biggest power plant PLTU Batang or Central Java Power Plant (CJPP), Central Java, Indonesia, is a 2×1,000-megawatt ultra super critical coal-fired power plant which has been billed as the largest project of its kind in Indonesia.