RCCP Technical Solutions

Complete Technical Solution Provider

Consolis Bonna Pressure Pipes’ know-how and experience for more than 120 years guarantee the consistency & optimization of the solutions delivered

What are the benefits to work with PT. Bonna Indonesia?

We offer a complete technical solution with optimized costs:

  • Pipe laying methodology without special bedding in typical installation
  • Customized laying engineering &methodologies (span pipes, underwater laying, pipe jacking)
  • Mastery of product characteristics
  • Manufacturing know-how
  • Incorporation of engineering constraints (road traffic load, overpressure, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Analysis and incorporation of information relevant to design calculations
  • Optimization and adaptation of special fittings to the systems
  • Design of connections that are suited to almost all cases
  • Finding the most suitable solutions to problems encountered throughout the construction
  • Expertise of water systems
  • Responsive “after sales” service with solutions to the changing needs of your water system

Delivering Technical Solution that answers our customer needs