Bonna special fittings RCCP

Some special fittings RCCP of Bonna product range

Bonna Reinforced Concrete Steel Cylinder Fittings of any configuration can be produced to suit the specific needs of a project. The Bonna Design Office in Paris designs them accordingly.

About our RCCP Seismic Movement Joint (SMJ)

Bonna pipe SMJ technology offers a total adaptability to pipeline project:

  • Optimization within pipe design
  • Seismic conditions
  • All types of laying
  • Adjustment to major differential settlement

The Bonna SMJ aims to release the excess of stress into the steel cylinder by providing the piping arrangement with local expansion/compression possibilities under seismic-induced movement. SMJ O-rings are procured based on the Procedure MM510 and have proven to be long lasting in multiple projects in hot and marine environments (red sea piping ND 3,000 mm with O-ring connection). In addition, each SMJ is built with a double O-ring thereby increasing the reliability of the seal. 

The Bonna SMJ is based on a E-R jointing but is factory prepared and is using a double O-ring. The SMJ has the “free spaces” filled with a foam like substance that is protecting the O-Ring and the 2 end rings from water ingress or corrosion.


San Buenaventura Coal-Fired Power Plant

Consolis design & engineering office and Bonna Indonesia team designed and produced reinforced concrete cylinder pipes (RCCP) for the project.

SB Construction Corp recently completed the installation of 1.2 km of onshore & offshore RCCP (Nominal Diameter of 3200 mm) including a concrete intake head structure.