Matarbari USC CFPP


Matarbari USC CFPP 2 x 1,200MW


POSCO Engineering and Constuction Co Limited

Constrution year



Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh

Bonna Indonesia supplies 7 km of pipes for Matarbari Ultra-Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant, a major power plant of 1,200MW in south-eastern Bangladesh (600MW x 2 units)

In 2020, Bonna Indonesia has been selected by Posco E&C to design and supply several piping systems for cooling water system (offshore intake line, onshore intake and discharge lines), the Flue Gas Desulfurization system, and the intake line of a new desalination plant.

Bonna Indonesia managed to do the fast delivery of big volumes of RCCP pipes, special fittings (from diameters ND600 to ND4000), and the largest Bonna intake head ever made (Model XXL with diameter 4500x4000), with duration 18 months with total volume 80,000 m³, with average monthly shipping pace to Bangladesh is of 4,800 m3, in total, the delivery includes around 7 km of pipes and special fittings, which represents around 2,300 spools, keeping production capacity for other projects in parallel.

This ambitious delivery planning has been made possible thanks to factory’s improvements, including new moulds with a hydraulic opening.

Bonna Indonesia’s Reinforced Concrete steel Cylinder Pipes (RCCP) with its reliable made-to-order solutions and thus, make it easy to install, have been specially designed for this project by a team of Indonesian and French engineers.

Source: Pipe solutions meeting cutting-edge power plants requirements – Consolis

Owner: Coal Power Generation Company Bangladesh
EPC: POSCO Engineering and Construction Co Limited
RCCP Installer: China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd.
Bonna Indonesia's scope: Cooling Water System, Seawater Intake System, FGD System & Desalination pipeline, RCCP pipes & special fittings & Intake Heads
Total Length: 6959 meters
Diameter: ND4000 mm, ND3400 mm, ND2400 mm, ND1800 mm, ND1600 mm, ND600 mm
Pressure: CWS = 5.5 bar & 4.6 bar, FGD = 6 bar & 3 bar, Desalination = 5.6 bar

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