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Bonna Indonesia manufactures precast concrete products. Its core business consists of steel reinforced cylinder pressure pipes (RCCP) also known as BONNA pipes.

Bonna Indonesia is a subsidiary of Consolis group, the European leader in precast concrete elements. Today Bonna Indonesia is the sole producer of these special RCCP pipes in South East Asia.

BONNA INDONESIA specializes in the production of:
Steel Cylinder Concrete pipes (BONNA pipe)
Prestressed concrete pipes
Prestressed concrete sleepers
Custom-made concrete products

Bonna Pipes
Pre-stressed Pipes
Submerged Pipelines
Bonna Pipes
The BONNApressure pipe has a composite design that makes it possible to meet the 3 objectives of a pressure pipeline
Prestressed Pipes
The Prestressedconcrete pressure pipe has a composite design which allows the use of a low quantity of high tensile wire to sustain high working pressure and external loads
Submerged Pipelines
The BONNApipe is very suitable for underwater projects,especially sea water as no special protection is required.

BONNA INDONESIA has access to the technology of the whole Consolis group.
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