Bonna Indonesia is a joint venture between Bonna Sabla and Intermix-DSP

Bonna Sabla

A French company specialized in precast concrete products. Bonna Sabla belongs to Consolis, the largest European company in prefabrication with more than 100 factories.


The largest Indonesian group involved in precast concrete products for construction and civil works.

Bonna Indonesia is not only a producer of high quality prefabricated concrete elements but is with your company from the initial design to the end of your PROJECT.

Among the technologies and services available:

Any type of prefabricated concrete products.
Bonna Indonesia has successfully been diversifying into other (non-pipe) precast concrete elements (ballast blocs, railway sleepers).

Engineered products provided with complete design calculation & layout drawing.
Typical offer includes not only simple concrete elements but generally combines other non-concrete materials (i.e. steel/rubber/accessories) together with additional value-added services such as design calculation & drawings, full engineering studies, installation manuals & assistance and even site supervision.

Concrete products made to order & optimized according to customers specifications.
Bonna Indonesia provides, when required, tailored-made engineered solutions not commodities. It does not only sell standard products from a catalogue but made-to-measure premium solutions according to each customer specific requirements.

Demonstrated durability with over 100 years of proven performance creating precast concrete solutions.
Typical applications include cooling water pipeline for the energy sector (conventional/nuclear power plants) and water supply (distribution network for drinking water). Bonna RCCP pipes have been a reference solution for industrial and engineering clients with proven and reliable performance and several thousand references for over 100 years on a worldwide basis.

Site SUPERVISION for installation may be provided upon request.

Bonna Indonesia